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Roles of Paralegals in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Roles Of Paralegals In Adr

Alternative Dispute Resolution is quickly progressing toward becoming the preferred avenue to take when it comes to civil paralegal. The drafting of motions for referral of a case for an alternative dispute resolution proceeding.

The drafting of demands for arbitration.

Researching of the rules of regulations for the various kinds of alternative dispute resolutions.

Assisting with the drafting of the agreements or settlements between two parties that result out of alternative dispute resolutions, including as well any binding agreements that are contingent to both parties.

Conduct background research of the third party involved in the procedure, such as mediators, arbitrators, or judges.

Arrange for the proper facilities or venues which are appropriate for alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Draft documents involving the specifics of a settlement agreement, such as property transfer documents or lien releases.

Assist with the preparation of questions that are to be applied to the jury during a summary jury trial proceeding.

Any legal research that is pertinent to the case to draft contract clauses as deemed necessary by the alternative dispute resolution.

The appropriate handling of documents in accordance to settlement agreements.

Those seeking to specialize in ADR, must also be aware of traditional litigation procedures. Furthermore, an acute knowledge and understanding of the eight methods of ADR, and their various applications and limits. Also, how ADR applications can vary due to nature of various disputes, such as its utilization in industrial, commercial, or civil settings.

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