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Assisting a Lawyer as a Paralegal


A paralegal plays a fundamental role in the legal field. Paralegals are responsible for handling the majority of administrative work that is present during a legal matter. The majority of the role involves research and paperwork as they pertain to a specific legal matter. Paralegals aid in streamlining a legal matter; by gathering information and organizing documents, the attorney or team of legal professionals can allocate their time towards developing a legal strategy for the underlying matter.

In addition to organizing and researching legal documents paralegals will also be responsible for drafting standard forms, such as separation agreements and legal contracts. In addition the paralegal will take part in numerous administrative procedures for the client such as: filing tax, establishing legal trusts, and drafting estate plans.

In regards to case preparation for meetings, hearings, and trials, a paralegal will hand the majority of administrative formalities such as: obtain any necessary affidavits, prepare written reports, conduct factual checks, and help prepare the legal arguments, motions, and pleas for the attorney.

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