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How To Report Results in a Legal Argument

Reporting Results

The means by which the results of a legal argument are reported depend entirely on the nature of the legal analysis or the argument that is made. In predictive legal analysis, the results of a finding are usually published in either a scholarly or legal trade journal, one whose audience is focused entirely toward the legal community as a contribution to the public record.

In the case of persuasive legal arguments, the results of the findings of the arguments are written in the form of a legal decision, which is written by the court. The form with which this is rendered is determined entirely by the nature of the legal proceedings. An important difference to note, however, is that in predictive analysis, the results are reported by the individual or group reporting the argument, while in persuasive analysis, the results are nearly always written by an individual or group that has had to be persuaded by that argument.

The results of predictive analysis, as they argued by individuals, often hold significantly less weight than precedent, since they have not had to undergo the process of legal or judicial review, only the legally insignificant process of editorial or peer review.

Results are recorded depending entirely on the nature of the argument being made.criminal or civil proceedings, which determine a basis of guilt or responsibility respectively, those determinations are usually made by a jury, and their decisions are documented in a legal brief that verifies a decision on a documented list of counts and accusations. Conversely, when a panel of judges disagree and the final decision is rendered by a majority, the minority can choose to write a “dissenting opinion,” which itself becomes part of the legal record.

Typically, in becoming part of the written record means that they are placed on record with a local municipality or government level agency, and also published for members of the legal industry.

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