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How to Find Administrative Law

Finding Administrative Law

Administrative Laws are laws that are enacted by an agency or organization within a government who have been empowered by a legislature with these law making powers. Administrative law is the field of legal work that has developed around these regulations.

Administrative law, like any other law, has a world of legal research that develops around it, which can be broken down to the two main categories of resource: primary and secondary. Secondary resources are the literature, decisions, opinions, cases, and other legal documentation that has been produced through legal actions and legal discourse in reference to the regulation as it is written.

Regulations, since they are not legislated, are sometimes more difficult to locate and read as a primary resource (especially as opposed to say, Constitutional Amendments), but they are still a matter of public record. any brick and mortar branches of the agency. finding these regulations. Environment Protection Agency regulations, because they involve attention to public service, safety, and environmental maintenance, publish annually in volume form and also through loose-leaf services.

Finding secondary resources can also be a little more difficult that finding legislative and constitutional secondary resources because many of these regulations are rarely published as regularly in formats such as Legal Encyclopedias or dictionaries, and with less frequency in digests, indexes, and are rarely annotated to the degree that other laws are. Regulations and Administrative laws still face judicial review or other legal actions, so there records still can be found in these formats. they are less conducive to forms of indexing provided by these services (Regulations, as opposed to legislated statutes, can sometimes be seen as addressing “micro” concerns, which statutes have a larger, “macro” scope).

As a rule, compared to some Legislative or Constitutional law, administrative law sometime relies more on Primary sources than those other fields, though all rely predominantly (in terms of quantity)

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