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Get the Facts on a Statute Interpretation!

Get The Facts

When beginning the process of statute interpretation, fact finding is significant to its overall process. Facts represent the details that have to do with the case, the client especially.

What must be considered by the paralegal prior to maintaining each fact they may attain is whether or not they would be valid to the case at hand. This is due to the importance that is placed upon such details.

These facts present the supportive truth by which other aspects of the case may be handled. If in possession of such facts that do not add to your clients case whatsoever, there is no point to including them as a part of your plan of action.

Be sure to take possession of facts that are only pertinent to your final desired results. When interpreting a statute in relation to your client's case, it is ultimately up to the facts, which will direct you in how you may want to go about then employing such a statute.

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